NOVOBLOCKS - Blocks of time

Block-time Billing.

Buy blocks of our time to be used against small tasks.

NovoBlocks Pricing

  • 60 mins
  • 120 mins
  • 180 mins
  • 300 mins
  • 600 mins
  • 1200 mins
Order below and we’ll get you setup with a private page where you can request work/tasks to be carried out, monitor time used & time left, and order more time.
Or, if you prefer to pay via bank transfer, send us an email and we’ll send you an invoice.
Order Online
Tasks NovoBlocks should be used for are website edits, website fixes, adding a blog post, design amendments, setting up new emails and sourcing usernames & passwords.

NovoBlocks should not be used for new website builds, full design projects, logos, branding, cost of printing, hosting or domain costs.